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Black With Reflective Tracers Paracord 100 Foot 550 Type III Commercial

Black With Reflective Tracers Paracord 100 Foot 550 Type III Commercial

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550 parachute cord (550 paracord) is truly an amazing product, and can be invaluable in a survival situation. Whether you use paracord as a hobby, for outdoor activities, or for potential survival situations, ours will certainly fit your needs.

550 paracord Made In the USA By GSA ContractorsOur commercial 550 paracord is manufactured in the United States by government (GSA) contractors. Just like military issue MIL-C-5040H Type III cord, ours is seven strand Kernmantle style with each strand being two-ply 100% nylon. The outer sheath is braided from 32 nylon strands and is rated for 200 lbs. The inner strands add 50 lbs each, resulting in a total minimum breaking strength of 550 lbs.

Thousands of people use our paracord for crafting. A simple paracord bracelet, keyfob, belt, etc can contain yards of cord that can be quickly unraveled for use in a survival situation. These crafts are an interesting hobby that produces attractive and useful handmade items.

Ideas on how to use our Black Paracord

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