Another Paracord Knife Wrap Technique

Posted by Stacy on 2/21/2013

We have had a few ways to wrap an Izula knife on the blog before.  This one is quite creative and the result looks fantastic:

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Speaker: Hey everyone. WilliamCutting08 here again. Today, I would like to show you my favorite way wrap my RAT Izula. Let me, first off say that I am going to be using two different colors once again. I tied these two together using the overhand bend. Youíll need about 5 feet of paracord. Youíll find the mid-point and place that mid-point right here on the finger [inaudible 00:00:35] area of the handle.

I hope you guys can understand this but anyway. This is probably the most difficult paracord wrap that Iím going to show but it is definitely worth it, if you can get the pattern down. What you want to do is youíre going to have the two strands. Notice how the black is on the left and the tan is on the right. Youíre going to want to take your index and your thumb, put it in between the strands of paracord, put it in between while holding the rest of the paracord with the rest of your fingers.

You have it like this. Now, youíre going to want to twist it 360 degrees and then bring the paracord over the handle, the end of the handle just like that. Youíll have something that looks like this.

Now, Iím going to show that one more time because it is kind of confusing. Youíll take your index and your thumb, put it in between, twist it 360 degrees and feed the end of the handle through that paracord, just like that. Then youíll want to tighten it, as tight as possible. Now, youíll also want to make sure that itís in the middle. You donít want the paracord to look like this and you also donít want it to look like that because itís very easy to do that. You want the paracord Ö You want both to be equally on each side and you want it to be directly in the middle.

We have something like this. Now, youíll flip it over. Also, you want to pay Ö I forgot to mention, you want to pay attention to which way you twist the paracord. In my case, I twisted it counter clockwise and you want to stay consistent with which way you twist it. Go ahead and twist it the same way on each side. IĎm going to twist counter clockwise on both sides. There we go. We have that, itís in the middle.

Weíre on the opposite side. Fingers in between the strands, twist it 360 degrees, bring it over the end of the handle, tighten it off, make sure itís somewhat in the middle. Do the same thing with this one, clockwise Ö counter clockwise, sorry, 360 degrees, make sure itís tight and in the middle. Flip it over, twist it 360 degrees counter clockwise, make sure itís in the middle, tighten it and you can actually see that the patternís starting to develop on the handle.

You just continue that pattern all the way up towards the end of the handle. As you practice it, youíll get really good. Kind of like Iím making this look really easy. Donít be scared at first. Give it a try, and once you get the pattern down I guarantee and I promise you that it is easy to do. Just like that. Twist it, just like so. Twist it again, just like so.

Youíll notice that you can kind of see through the handle. Now, you can choose to leave it like that or you can fix that by just pushing down on the paracord, pushing down Ö Pushing the paracord down towards the blade. That gives you some extra room.

There we go, just do that. Continue, and Iíll show you one more time what that looks like.

We have that and you have your separate strands and youíll take your index and your thumb, put in in between, grasp the rest of the paracord twist is 360 degrees and bring the end of the handle through and over or bring the paracord over the end of the handle, just like that.

As youíre getting towards the end of the handle, go ahead and bring the wrap about one fourh of the way over the [inaudible 00:05:38] so then you have something like this. Iím going to do one more actually. Iím going to do one more, just like this. Actually, about half way. I said one fourth.

You have that and if you noticed that the black strand is already wanting to go through the [inaudible 00:06:05] just like that and then youíll just take this tan strand and feed it through. You want the strands to feed through the [inaudible 00:06:12] in opposite directions. You just do this.

Iím going to finish this off just like that right quick. I think Iím going to do one more. Then you just move that aside and hold it down and you do the same with the black. Weíre almost done. Iím going to do one more. Oops, there we go.

Now, since Iím almost out of the tan strand and I have more of the black, Iím just going to do the basic over knot and just make a loop and feed the ends of the strand directly through that loop. Just like that. Feed both strands actually. Letís see if I can Ö There we go. Just like that. Then tie it as tight as possible so it doesnít come undone.

I have tons of black paracord so what Iíll do is Iíll just cut it right here and then burn it with a lighter to seal up so the paracord doesnít unravel but as you can see here, it is a really nice paracord wrap. It gives the handle kind of the oval shape so itís very comfortable to use, very aggressive texturing that you get a good grip and itís comfortable to use.

There we go. Iím going to call this the 360 degree Strider Paracord wrap because I first saw this paracord wrap on Strider for Strider Knives website and they Ö If my video is confusing, then use their website because they show you how to do it but they only show you pictures on how to do this paracord wrap.

There it is. Thatís my favorite paracord wrap. It looks excellent and superb.

You guys have a nice day. Stay tuned because I have at least one more paracord wrap video that I would like to share with you. You guys have a nice day. Bye bye.
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