Another Great Idea For Using 550paracord

Posted by Stacy on 4/11/2013
Here is another very useful idea for 550 Paracord, the fix for that extra part of the strap that hangs and flops around on many carry bags and backpacks. This shows how you can use a piece of paracord to fix that annoying problem of the flappy strap.


Speaker 1: Hey there folks. I life paracord just as much as the next guy and so when I was browsing through Cutlerylovers, a couple of those reviews and so when I was browsing through then I saw he had a paracord vid up for yet another thing you can do a paracord. I watched it and that was fantastic. Just to briefly explain, he just showed that while you melt one end of a paracord 550 cord to just stop it from doing the super fray, you can actually melt the two ends together and he showed that it creates quite a strong nylon bond, no doubt. Then he’d show it just by pulling the hell out of it. It just was so simple that I was able to … a few days later as I was dealing with the pet peeve of flappy straps, I hate that when there’s flap all over the place … I was able to, with what he showed me that you can melt two ends together, come up with a cure for the floppy strap syndrome. It was as simple as melting two ends of a tiny piece of paracord measured just perfectly to then create this perfect and clean-looking cure for the flappy, floppy strap syndrome that so many backpacks and camera cases and good Lord, you name it. If you have some sort of duffled straps that you then adjust to just the way you like it, then the rest of that just flaps around and curls up and just starts to bug you, here it is, the five billionth 970 second thing you can do with a piece of paracord, the cure for floppy strap syndrome. Thank you Jeff at Cutlerylover, the YouTube channel. Great, nice reviews by the way but just something so simple as melting a couple of pieces of paracord together. He showed that it actually has a hell of a lot of strength that melted together nylon, but then I was able to make these cheap ass straps, perfect and quite clean looking without a strap flopping around. Plus of course just the colors match so perfectly. But anyway there you go, yet another thing that you can do with paracord.

Just add to that a couple of pieces that didn’t quite fit but ended up being perfect for his and hers wedding bands. Oh yes, when you absolutely positively have to give a lady something that’s worth point one hundred thousandths of a penny, there you go. You can buy them here on my YouTube page for $19.95. PayPal, everything accepted. Thank you all. I’ll see you.
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