Add A D Ring To a Paracord Dog Collar

Posted by Stacy on 2/7/2013

Another from the redmule02 channel, a very helpful video on how to add a D-Ring to a paracord project such as a dog or cat collar.

In the video he uses a shackle buckle, which would be more expensive, but may look a little nicer.  Make sure that you use stainless steel (like these) is this is for a pet.


Speaker 1: Redmule02 here, I知 doing a video for a fellow YouTuber, his name is Steve Keen, K-E-E-N. He asked me a question about how I would add a D ring to a dog collar. Now, I知 doing a bracelet here which is the exact same thing as a dog collar, just that the dog collar would be bigger and depending on the dog collar and whatnot. Now, I知 not sure which knot he is trying to use, so I知 going to make this into two different parts in the same video. It痴 not going to be very long, I知 hoping not.

Okay. What I do is, we池e going to start with the cobra knot first and then we値l go to the stitch knot. Now, right here, I致e got the D ring already on there. Now, you can either attach it Now, this right here is not a D ring, it痴 a shackle, I don稚 have D ring, but this will serve the purpose of one. That痴 why I would have it on here first. You could either go ahead and put them through the cord now, and you can either tie your cobra knot here and just keep going until you get to the end, right here, or you can do it as soon as you tie one knot up top here, like so.

You pull this one through. Say we went ahead and tied our first knot. I would slide the improvised D ring that I have here, and I would make a knot like this, so I知 putting the knot on the other side. I壇 push that up, and I壇 make the knot behind it like so. Just pull forward a little bit and get the knot up behind the D ring. If it will work with me today. Just like that. Your D ring is connected. It痴 the same thing. Then you just continue doing your knots behind it, but you致e got to make sure that it痴 straight. Okay? That痴 how the D ring would fit.

I致e seen the D ring put sideways as well, and they do some tricky little thing to do that, but that痴 the way I would do it. I wouldn稚 make it any more harder on myself than it has to be, but that痴 how I would do the D ring, just like this. Then I would just continue, you致e just got to make sure that it stays behind there and it痴 knotted down really good. Then you just continue with your knots like normal, all the way down. Just like that.

Okay, that痴 what I would do friend. I致e also seen the D rings put here, on the buckle. When you run your cordage from the bottom and you come out the top here, before you run them through the bottom piece right here, just take the D ring and lay it straight across and go through the middle and down until the bottom and pull it straight down and start doing your cobra weave.

I hope this helps, I hope that痴 what you were talking about. If you use the key ring, you can do the same thing with the key ring as well, but the only difference is you would have to turn this one Well, no, I guess you would do it the same way. Just run it the same way and you wouldn稚 have to put it on there initially at first unless it was small. You can just open it up and run it over the cord and put it wherever you want to. This is where I would put it, is either at the top right here, or down at the bottom. So that you can go ahead and get all the cordage, get all that tightened up, so that when the D ring is down here, it痴 got all that pressure behind it to keep it in one place.

There痴 no difference really, I mean this will work as well. If I was to take this off, and show you what I知 talking about. Let me get behind the camera here. Say this was your dog collar, or for a cat or whatever, that痴 how it would come out, just like that. That would be your D ring, instead of this shackle right there, that痴 why it痴 a little off, because of it being the shackle. That痴 it guy. I hope that helped you out.

Now, if you池e going to do it for the stitched knot, I値l come back in just a second after I get this untied and I値l show you how to do that as well. Thanks guys.

Redmule02 again, I知 going to show you the next part of what I was talking about for my brewer Steve Keen. That痴 adding the D ring to the stitch back. Basically what you would do is the same thing, you would just run your cords through the same way, and you値l have one side that痴 a lot shorter than the other. Once you start tying your first or second knot you can go ahead and cut that and singe it off, so you値l just be using this right side. Now, let痴 get started.

What I would do, take the right side, take it across and through the middle here. Take it from the right side, and go around the first one, come out through the middle so you致e got this little thing going like this. Make sure that痴 tight and be very careful on how hard you pull on it, because these will come loose. You have to kind of work your way around that and doing the whole tightening up the knots. You値l come down like that right there.

Now what you値l do, is I知 going to take my improvised D ring here, but that will be your D ring, and you値l run the cord that just came through the middle, through the middle back. Just pull it completely through, this will take a minute because it痴 a pretty long rope. You do the exact same thing. Just this time you値l have the D ring in the middle. Basically what you値l do is you値l lift up, I hope you can see that, just like that and you値l come through the middle like this. Then you値l come around the right side. You池e going through the middle, you値l come around the right side and then you値l go around the left side and then come up through the middle again.

Then you値l pull it straight out, and then you push it straight up. That gives you a natural little loop that this actually hangs on to, but it comes out of the actual dog collar itself. It痴 not right in the middle of it and it痴 pinching it and it can稚 move and it痴 really stiff. That right there just gives it a leeway. Now what we値l do is we値l come down through the middle again, and then you値l come out to the right side and you値l wrap it around like so, the front. Then you値l come up through the middle again and come straight out.

By now, you should be feeling the whole stitch knot start to tighten up. Then you値l just push up. Just like that, you値l push them all straight up and you値l feel the whole thing start tightening up, and then you just continue your stitch knot. Down through the middle, tighten it up, come out the right side, go around both of them, come behind the left one and through the middle. Just like that. That痴 what you値l do, you値l just continue doing that. Just keep doing that until you池e done guy, that痴 the best thing I could say. That痴 the best way to do it. If you池e doing the stitch knot that way.

You see, let me get this into the camera right. There you go, you致e got your D ring on there, it痴 secured, it痴 not going anywhere. It actually comes out just a little bit to give it a to me, it痴 a little chicer of a look, a better look. It痴 not completely bound to the middle of the rope here, so it痴 really stiff and it won稚 move. This actually gives it a little loop, like it was meant to be there. There we go. That痴 the best thing I could say, that痴 the best way I could do it. That痴 the way I have been doing it, and if you致e got any more questions, please let me know.

If there痴 anybody out there that痴 got any other suggestions for him, please let痴 help him out and get him going. We don稚 want him to get discouraged and not do it. That痴 the best thing I can say, that痴 the way I would do it, and that痴 the way I have been doing it, and it痴 worked out really great. I mean, 550 cord is strong and I don稚 know too many dogs that could rip through that. Steve Keen, I hope this helps you out buddy. Please leave me a comment, let me know what you think, and if I could help you out in any other way I will certainly do it.

Until then, you all take care of itself, support each other, support our second amendment all the way. Thanks guys. Bye.
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