A Good Video Explaining what Paracord is

Posted by Stacy on 3/11/2013

Here is a good video that explains what paracord is and some of the many uses it has.


Speaker 1: Were going to talk about one of the most versatile pieces of equipment, or at least things that I have in my rescue bag and also in my outdoor bag. Thats called paracord. Paracord is probably the most valuable thing that I can have. I can use it for bootlaces. I can use it for lashing. Its so versatile and so easy and compact. You can put 50 feet of this in a very small package.

Paracord came into existence in roughly about the mid-1930s into 1940s, during World War Two. During that time, what happened was is they brought out it was only for military use only. It was brought about just for parachute strings. What they found was that this cord was very strong and it was used on multiple things, good for tying things down. Additionally, you can use it, you can take the inner stuffings of this and use it for other things. Well talk about that in just a second.

Paracord basically, its a nylon cord. Its what we call kernmantle cord. It has an outer sheath and inner fibers. Well go ahead and cut this open, so I can show you what that looks like. The beauty about paracord and Sean, come on in here a little bit. You can see these inner fibers here. Paracord comes in various different types. This is what they would commonly refer to as a 550 cord. What that 550 cord means is that it has a break strength up to 550 pounds, 550 cords, you have seven strands in here. Well also sometimes see nine strands, 11 strands. Those are higher-breaking strands.

One of the things about the outer core is you can pull these out and use these for and even break them down all the way down even to smaller fibers. You can use them for sewing. You can use them for stitches. Also, you can use them for fishing line. Thats very versatile. Theres a lot of things that you can do, and particularly in survival situation. The other thing that you can is you can actually pull the outer sheath completely off and use it if you need something really flat and small.

Very good for lashings. If you get into a predicament, this little piece here, I could probably stretch it out by pulling these cords out and tying them together, and get a very long piece of seven times what the size of this is. Paracord, very versatile, very easy, its nylon. What you do whenever you cut off an end, you actually just introduce some flame to it. It melts a little bit. You tie that up and use that. Again, lot of uses for this, you can use it for fire starting on your bow drills, things like that.

Again, one of the items that I absolutely, strongly suggest. If you make a tool, you can actually use this for the way you tie it on there. In some of the other programs, Id show you how to use those things. You can tie it on and make a nice little handle to it. Keep in mind, paracord, absolute, put it in your bag. See you in some of the other programs.
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