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5MM Adjustable Bow Shaped Black Matte Shackle

5MM Adjustable Bow Shaped Black Matte Shackle

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The 5MM Adjustable Bow Shaped Black Matte Shackle eliminates the need to make a paracord bracelet the exact size because the shackle allows the length of a bracelet to be adjusted.

These adjustable shackles are made up of a Bow-Shaped black matte stainless steel shackle and a contoured black matte stainless steel bar. The bar has four holes that are 1/4 inch apart, with three of the holes allowing you to adjust the length of a paracord bracelets.

The 5MM Adjustable Bow Shaped Black Matte Shackle has a bigger opening than the D shackle. Because of the bigger O shape of the loop, the bow shackle can take weight from numerous directions without increasing too much side load. These shackles have other uses but are ideal for making classy paracord bracelets. The Black Matte Stainless Steel Shackles are far more hard-wearing than plastic buckles, and combined with paracord, are very useful in a survival emergency.

Bow-Shaped Shackle Dimensions:
  • Diameter of Bow 13/64 of an inch (5mm)
  • Inside width 1/2 of an inch (12mm)
  • Outside width 3/4 of an inch (20mm)
  • Outside height 7/8 of an inch (24mm)
  • Inside height 1/2 of an inch (13mm)
  • Throat measures 5/16 of an inch (11mm)
  • Pin measures 1 3/16 of an inch (30mm)
Adjusting Bar Dimensions:
  • Length is 1 3/16 inches (30mm)
  • Width is 5/16 of an inch (9mm)
  • Height is 3/8 of an inch (10mm)
  • 4 Holes measuring 3/16 an inch (4.7mm) in diameter
  • 1/4 of an inch (6.4mm) distance between centers of each hole
Item Condition: New
Brand: ParacordStore
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