550 paracord Tips and Using a Cord lock Safety Lanyard.

Posted by Stacy on 4/15/2013

This is an informational video that not only shows how to use a cord lock but also an interesting way to melt paracord and trim it for easier using.


Speaker 1: I just wanted to show you a couple of little tricks here with Paracord. Probably one of the hardest things when youre dealing with Paracord is keeping the ends from fraying and it's pretty common for people to take a lighter and melt the ends, but when you are doing this, it's important to make sure that you hold the lighter on there long enough for the center strands to fuse with the outer sheath. If they don't fuse together, then it's possible that if you are running your fingers along the outside or if it's been if their cord is being pulled through, pulled over a branch for instance.

The cord strands can separate and get lost inside the sheath and thats something that you don't want to happen. It's important to hold the lighter on there long enough to actually fuse the strands. Now, there is a little trick that I figured out, where you take a pair of pliers and mash the melted end in the pliers and now you've definitely got the cord strands fused with the sheath. And another little trick is that, once youve done that, the best thing that I found is a pair or nail clippers for trimming off the excess melted plastic. And the good thing about doing it at an angle like this, as you can see, Ive done it at an angle, that kind of leaves you with a sharp point and it easier if you're trying to thread the paracord through something, say for instance, a cord lock and if you're trying to thread the paracord through, having that point on there, makes it go through a lot easier than trying to stuff a big knob or a loose frayed end through.

And that brings me to the second part is these cord locks, Ive heard a lot of people talking about using cord locks for, if you're using a paracord to hang a neck knife or something around your neck, obviously, it's a 550 pounds tassel strength straight cord, it's a really strong cord. You're going to want some kind of, some kind of relief valve so that since the cord is not going break very easily, you want to wait for it to slip out, people have been using these cord locks. Im going to go ahead and get these stuffed in here and then Ill resume the video in a moment.

One of the things about these cord locks, one way to do it to make a lanyard is just go ahead and stop both ends through the same way like I have here. If you pull on it, they will separate, but if you look, this is almost completely slipped out, it will be very easy to lose this little cord lock. What Ive come up with is, just to pass one cord through in one direction, then pass the other cord through in the other direction, see if I can get them to go through, this is kind of using slightly a smaller cord lock that I showed for this demonstration, but

Okay. We're back. Basically what you want to do is, feed the opposite ends through the cord lock like so you want to move some of this clutter out of the way so you can see better. You want to feed the opposite ends through the cord lock like so, and then what you can do is just tie a simple knot in one of those ends, then what happens is now you still have all of the ability for this to release the tension should your lanyard cord get snagged on to something, you won't choke because it will release, but this knot on the other side will actually retain the cord lock, it's not going to go flying off into the woods. Youll be able to keep this and put it back on and it won't get lost. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed the video and thanks for watching.
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