2 Color Switchback Parcord Bracelet

Posted by Stacy on 2/4/2013
p>This is one of my favorate styles to experiment with colors.  Fairly easy to tie, and a nice video.



RedMule02: RedMule02 here. I’m going to show you guys how to make a two color switchback strap or bracelet, or you can even make it into a key fob as well if you watch the first video I made and just replace the one color with two colors. Basically what you want to do is…I picked orange and purple here. Now, I run the orange one through the middle, out the other side, like so, then I take the purple one and run that through the middle over the top of the orange one. Just pull it out the other side. Now, the one that’s on the bottom after you tighten it up here, the one that’s on the bottom is the one that you want to start with. Well, that just came out. All right, so I don’t know how that happened, but okay [laughing]. Like that.

Now, the one that’s on the bottom, which is the orange one if you can see that, is the one that you start with. So you go over the top of the purple and through the middle, and that will set up your first set of knots. Then you’ll take the purple one, you’ll go over the top of the orange one, through the middle, out the other side, and then do it again; through the middle, over the purple, and out the other side. Then you’ll just push everything up. And at first, it’s going to come real loose and stuff, but it’ll all start cinching itself together. So you get something like that going. Now, take the orange one, come over the top, through the middle, out the other side like so, and then take the orange one again, and loop it over the top of the purple one, then through the middle and out the other side. Make sure you keep everything together. I’m trying to keep my arms and everything out of the way so you can see it better. Just like that.

Then you take the purple one. Again, you go through the middle, go over the top of the orange one, through the middle, out the other side. Then you’ll take it again, come over the purple, through the middle, and out the other side. Then, like I said, every once in awhile you just want to pull up on it; tighten everything up. These bracelets will come a little…well, they have a little loose feel to them, but just keep tightening them up and pushing them up, and it’ll work out. They’ll be a little flexible too, so you don’t want one that’s really tight on your wrist and whatnot, so this one will actually bend a little bit.

So you take the orange one, come over the top, through the middle, push that up, and then bring it back through over the top of the purple side, and through the middle again, just like that. Pull it tight, move them around a little, pull it tight, push it up. If it looks like it’s getting out of...they look like they’re warping a little, just take your time and go back through and start tightening up the cord itself, because that’s really what’s going on there.

So, purple over the top, through the middle, tighten the cord. Take the purple again, back over the top and through the middle. Go ahead and do that until you get down to the bottom and I’ll show you how to finish it out. So OldMule will be right back as soon as we’re done. All right guys, thanks a lot.

RedMule02 here. Once you get to the bottom here, there’s several different ways you can do this, and there’s really no wrong way to do it. Some like to, in the bottom here, they’ll run the colors and they’ll loop them around one side, and then they’ll loop the other side around the other side as well. What I like to do when I get down here is just run a couple cobra knots just to secure everything in place, so that’s what I’m going to do. The way you finish it out, that’s great. I mean, just be yourselves.

So, I’m going to go ahead and finish that out real quick right here, and that’s basically what I’m going to do. Let’s just run a couple cobra stitches over the top, and just be done with it. Just tie it up real good, and there you go. Basically just take it off of here…where is the camera…right there. It looks a little off, but it’s not too bad. You can easily…like I said, you can run it through the middle and tie it off how you want to. That’s about it right there guys, and there you go. Oh where…there it is. And it is flexible, like I said, you can move it around, so when it gets onto your wrist, it doesn’t…it’s not too tight and it won’t hurt you like some of the other bracelets. It is what it is and I really like it. I really like the way this one came out.

So, basically what you do…trying to get this in camera here…is you want to cut these, make sure that they’re tight. Depending on how you do it, even if you were to do it the other way, like PBS does, where he loops it around one side of each…you know what I mean, he just goes through the middle, wraps it around and comes out the bottom, which is a really cool way of doing it too. So basically, what I do, is I just cut it as close as I can to the knot, take my lighter…give me a little bit more room right here…and I just burn it. Like I say, keep it in the blue so that you can control the rate at which this melts, because that’s coolest part of this whole flame, is that blue part. Right there, cut this part off. Make sure you get all of that. There you go. That’s it.

Let me put it on real quick, and here we go. There it is. That’s a little big for my wrist, because this little jig right here likes to move around a lot, but that’s all right. I mean, for the most part, it’s nice, it works, and it’s not so rough on my wrist. So that’s it right there, guys. Got any questions or anything, drop me a line. I’ll be glad to answer it. There it is. Hope you guys enjoyed it, because I enjoyed making it.

Next time, what I’m going to do is probably run a third color through the middle, and see how that comes out. But, for the most part, I really like these colors together like that. I guess this is all for you Clemson fans, from South Carolina. I don’t know any other—well, Clemson and Ellis You maybe. I don’t remember. But anyway, there you go guys. Hope you guys like it. Drop me a comment; let me know what you think.

Like I said, the funny thing about this bracelet is, is that I was messing around and making a bracelet like this one, but blue and white, several months back, probably around February time frame or so. And I was like, “Yeah, I came up with something, right?” Nope. Checked, tying it all together JD, and he already made one. So, I said, “Okay, that’s fine. You know, I’ll give him half the credit.” Because, I didn’t know anything about him until my father was like, “Hey, check this guy out.” So, that’s what I did.

So, there you go guys. Hope you like it. Let me know. Support yourselves, support each other, support your second amendment all the way. Thanks, guys.
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