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120 Decibel Sharx Safety Whistle

120 Decibel Sharx Safety Whistle

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So, you want a loud whistle?  Well, the Sharx is good for 120 decibels (dB), and unless you work in a jet engine test facility, it will be plenty loud.  Think about it: a lawn mower is about 90 dB, a power saw 110 dB, a loud rock concert (non-peak) is 115 dB.

We couldn't even find a non-amplified musical instrument that would get as loud as this whistle.  A trombone can get up to 114 dB, so even if you wanted to carry one around on your favorite paracord lanyard, it wouldn't be as loud as this whistle!

While not as loud as a gunshot or jet engine (140 dB), the Sharx Safety Whistle is perfect for when you need to be heard.  Give it three blasts bursts for help when your canoe capsizes, when you fall down a cliff, get stuck in the snow, or fall down a well and you may actually stand a chance of getting out alive.

The Sharx Safety Whistle
is designed specifically for the outdoors and comes with a breakaway lanyard. Well, the lanyard is nice, but throw it out and make your own from some paracord using our safety breakaway connectors.  This emergency whistle is pealess, easy to blow and works even when wet. It is reliable, trustworthy and the preferred whistle for search, rescue, outdoors and personal safety. This safety whistle sends out reliable, unforced sound power of 120 decibels. It can be heard for miles over surrounding noises. It is made from co-molded durable poly carbonate for slip resistances and added comfort. This whistle fits nicely on a parcord lanyard.

  • Design: 2-chamber/4 resonators; pea-less
  • Sound Power 120 decibels
International Whistle Code:
  • One Blast: "Where are you?"
  • Two Blasts: "Come to me."
  • Three Blasts: "I need help!"

Safety note: Don't blow this whistle in someones ear.

Item Condition: New
Brand: ParacordStore
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