Water Bottle Holder Made With Paracord

Posted by Stacy on 4/18/2013

This water bottle holder is about as basic as they get yet just as usable as the more complicated ones.  Throw a carabiner onto it and you can secure this to you pack and keep your hands free.


Speaker 1: Hi, guys. Mountain Man here with a really simple paracord project. This is going to be a water bottle holder for your Nalgene or other water bottle. This is just some metal one that I bought at Ross'. Pretty easy, your Nalgene bottle, other water bottle. Again, it doesn't have to be Nalgene brand. You need some paracord, or other nylon style rope. This is 550 lb. test, 7-strand, with the gray stuff is reflective. Weaving it in the exterior of the cord, which is handy at night, because it helps find your stuff around the camp site with your head lamp. You need a proper knife to cut the cord with, and you're going to need a lighter, some sort of fire to melt the end of the cord so that it doesn't fray once you've cut it. This is the cord that I took off of my water bottle. I measured it out. It's 24". I don't know if I did that when I cut it, or if that's just what it happened to be.

But all you've got to do to complete this guy, cross these guys over like this. Doesn't matter which side is up, which side is down. You're going to tie a simple square knot, which consists of going over, and then under to loop. Very simple knot. You're going to want to get it tight by holding the knot, pulling on the free end of the string. You're going to want to try, as best as you can, keep that nub on that guy as small as possible, barely sticking out. I like to just keep it from catching on stuff when you're using it later on. You take this other end of the cord, same thing, simple square knot, once over, once under. Then grab the knot and pull the free end tight. And what you got here is your handle. That's it. This loop goes around your bottle neck. That's your handle there.

So all that's left to do now is to go ahead and put it on the bottle, seat it on there. When you seat it, make sure you get it past this ring. You want it below the cap holder ring. Once you've got that, all you've got to do is pull the cord tight. Kind of pull it tight from both ends of the handle. That way you get your knots. You want to try to have them at 180 degrees across the bottle from each other, so they're all the way out like this, and not somewhere like where my fingers are at here. Try to keep it halfway across the bottle. It doesn't matter where this guy is at, because this guy rotates on the bottle. So that can be adjusted after the fact. Pull it tight, and that's it. You're done. That's your handle for your water bottle. The knots won't come undone. It'll keep itself stuck underneath that lid. It doesn't get in the way when you take the lid off. Easy. Pretty simple stuff. That's it.
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