Tip on How to Melt Paracord Ends

Posted by Stacy on 2/4/2013
This is pretty basic, but many have never sealed nylon cord to prevent fraying. The video below shows two effective techniques: (1) Squeezing (shaping) with fingers and (2) Pressing against a hard surface. We STRONGLY recommend that you be careful when squeezing and to wet your finger tips to prevent burning yourself.


Okay, so like I said, I don't recommend using a torch lighter. I recommend using a good Bic because flame is hotter but sustainable. The torch, it always melts it all up to shit. All you want to do is take your flame and move it in gradually, like so. Then you just want to lick your fingers real quick and mush it. Then repeat the process. Then just make it into a nice small end, just like so, just like that. Then you have your paracord sealed off.

Now on the other hand I see a lot of people do this. I’ll show it just because I seen it. Also, every time you cut it, you just want to make sure that you smooth it all out. This is the other way that I see people do that I don't recommend. They get it real hot, start melting it all together and then they just take the side of the lighter, or the leatherman and they flatten it out, looking like that. I don't recommend that at all. I think that just looks sloppy but whatever floats your boat. That's an easy way to repair your paracord to seal off the ends so the strands don't start coming out. Thank you as always, click on an ad. Have a nice day.
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