Make a paracord button knot (How to)

Posted by Stacy on 4/16/2013

The button knot is a good knot for finishing off a lot of paracord projects.  A good expample of when to use a button knot is in a paracord bracelet, just slip the button knot into the loop at the other end to secure it around your wrist.


How to make a paracord button knot Speaker 1: Okay, guys, this is the Celtic button knot. It’s a pretty neat knot. It makes your stuff look a little bit fancier. You can use it on single strands, and if you’re using it for paracord bracelets, instead of having the one knot tied out of two strands on the end, you can make two of these, and have two knots coming through your loop, or you can cut one of them off, and just make one knot to go through your loop. They look real nice on the lanyards and stuff like that. I just think it’s a nice neat little knot. It’s pretty decorative. I was telling House on Fire about this and told him I’d make him a quick little video, so you guys just stick around and hopefully, you’ll enjoy.

All right, brother, let’s see if we can get you walked through this. Make one over-loop, like so, make a second over-loop, like so. Take your tag end, go through this one, back up through that one, over that one, and through that one. It should look like that right there. Then you grab all of this right here, you take your tag end, you pull it over the top, grab all of it again with one hand. Now you go through this one, under both of those, and through the middle. Now you just work it on down.

This thing will take a few minutes, sometimes, working it, but that’s all right. When you get done, it’ll be a nice formed little knot. All you do is just like everything else, you just follow your loops, pull your slack out of your loops, just go on around. They’re a little bit tedious and a little bit of a pain in the butt, but when you get done with them, they look pretty cool, and you can put these on the end of lanyards, on the end of all kinds of stuff. You can either cut it off right there and just singe it … I even have a lot of people that will cut them off about quarter-of-an-inch long and just let them fray.

All right, buddy, I hope that helps you. Hope you get a lot of use out of it. The more you work with this little knot, the better it’ll look. You just got to play with it until you work all the kinks out of it. The tighter you get it, the better it will look. All right, there you go. Enjoy, guys.
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