Make A Paracord Sling (instructional video )

Posted by Stacy on 2/28/2013

Very clear instruction on how to make a paracord sling from the WeekendGunners channel.  These are great for outdoor survival, but be careful when using it!


Lon Webb: What's going on YouTube?

This is Lon Webb bringing you a new paracord creation of mine. I've actually been making these for quite a while and decided to do a video on how to make these. What these are, these are slings, not rifle slings. What these are actually offensive/hunting weapons. These have been used for thousands of years, most famous instance being when little boy David took out Goliath using five stones and a sling.

This is what we're going to be making today. This is about an inch and a half wide by three inches long. You can make this as large as you want, really the largest being a trebuchet, which you can throw a bowling ball or a pumpkin. Huge. These are for like marbles or ball bearings or small rocks.

Let's go ahead and jump right on in. I'm going to show you how to make these pretty cool hunting/offensive weapons. Here we go.

Materials needed are 12 feet of paracord. You do not need a jig for this. There are other instructions out there on how to do it with a jig. For the size that we're making, it is not necessary to have a jig. We are going to do this freehand. 12 feet of paracord. For your one end, you need to tie a knot about 36 inches from one loose end. You can go ahead and pick. We'll bring this a little bit closer. Now we can start. Once you have the end that's about 36 inches, go from the knot and go probably about two feet or so. This will be adjustable here in a minute. Now that the knot is two feet in that direction, make a loop. There we go. You want your first loop to be about the size that you want your cup. I'm doing mine probably three inches or so, somewhere in there.

Next part, cord with the knot goes over like so. Cord with the knot, cord without. All right. Now the cord with the knot goes like so, and goes underneath the cord without the knot. Try to keep this all straight and untangled. It is very difficult. Take your fingers, grab the rabbit ears, and pull. That way they're slightly even and of course, this is the cord with the knot that goes this way. Now we're going to adjust it. Pull that until the knot is close to the cord. Oh, don't fall apart on me. Adjust that rabbit ear back to about three inches. Now you have a bigger rabbit ear on the bottom that's bigger than three inches. Make them even. There we go. Cord with the knot underneath traced over top second ear. If this starts to twist up, it really doesn't matter. We're going to cover it with cord anyway.

Now that we've come this far, you have the two rabbit ears. Even them up a little bit. The bottom one is the main one that matters, because this one you can adjust by pulling on the cord with the knot. Then what you do, is this is the cord without the knot, because there's the knot my finger. Go under, over, under, over, and push to the end. Two rabbit ears, and that was the very first one. Go under, through the rabbit ear, under and over, through the other rabbit ear. You're just going to have this back and forth pattern. Once you get two or three of these going, you can go ahead and tighten it up. It'll actually keep itself. Pull on the center ones to go ahead and tighten the knot. Then it just repeats, over, under, over, under, and pull it tight.

Remember how I said that the top one doesn't really matter see how much longer it is. Just pull on the cord with the knot, and it'll shorten it up. Really it's the bottom one that decides how long your cup is. Under, over, under. Basically, every time you're just going through the rabbit ears, I call them rabbit ears, like so. You just keep repeating that pattern over and over and over until you get to the very end. I will go ahead. I won't make you watch me do this. I will go ahead and finish it up to the end and show you how to finish it. All right.

Once you get it to the desired length that you want, make sure that your last pass here's the knot. Well here's the knot. Knot cord, here is the other loose cord. Once you make sure that you go through the very end, make sure that your last cord goes through the one that you can tighten. You see how this one, which is the knot cord, tightens down over here? Make sure that that goes through there so you can tighten it down and it won't unravel.

To finish it off, take a handy dandy paracord needle, screw it on the end. You see how it's kind of off center? Take it back through like to end. It doesn't really matter. There we go. You can reverse it if you'd like. There you go. Now you have your cord on both ends, on both sides, about in the middle. Take whichever cord is longer which is my knot cord. That one is going to be your loop. You can be as fancy smatcy as you want. I normally just take the cord like so, make a loop. You can even so you can adjust it when you're done. Make a loop and then you have that you can take out when you're done. You have your loose end.

I have played around with these. I have seen them used. I am in no way accurate. They're for me, they're just fun to play with. There are tutorials on here on how to use it. Maybe I should go watch those some more, but that's really how you use it or how you make them. Relatively simple, relatively easy, literally will take you five minutes once you know what you're doing.

Thank you for watching. Please check out my other paracord videos. Subscribe and comment. I love comments. Please comment. Give me something to do. My last couple of videos have actually been in response to your comments. If you see something you like and would like me to show you how to make it, I will sit down and go out and find out how to do it if I don't already know how to do it. Please comment, give me stuff to do. Have a great night.
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