How to make a Swedish Fire Torch

Posted by Stacy on 3/11/2013

Here is a video that is a little diffrernt from our usual paracord vidoes. A cool and unique way to make a fire that you can cook on in the wild.



Speaker 1: Iím going to be doing a Swedish fire torch. Itís type of stove and itís for a challenge that Sep's doing. The challenge is to make the stove and to boil water on top of it after all the tinderís burned down. This is my first time doing it, so itís definitely not going to be a ďhow toĒ video. Here it goes.

Iím adding some tinder. You really donít need tinder so large. If you get the tinder too large, all youíre going to be doing is building a fire between the wood. Thatís not what youíre trying to do. Youíre trying to catch the inside of the ball go on fire, so it really burns inside out. The stuff Iím putting in now is cedar, strips of cedar bark. Thatís probably the only ... as big as the only stuff youíre going to need. The other stuff, the stuff I put in was probably too big. Now Iím putting on some hay right on top of it and now some finer cedar bark. Iíve got a little bit of birch bark. We try to get that going with my fire starter. Here it goes.

The piece of wood I have here is a piece of fatwood and thatís just a piece of pine that has a concentrated amount of sap in it. As you can see, it burns very well. Iíve collected quite a bit of that, and some tree sap. Iíll be using that a little bit later to get this going. The wood that Iím putting on top now is fatwood. Iím also putting on a few pieces of pine tree sap. I just sped it up so it doesnít get too boring.

Now what Iíve done is Iíve taken all the tinder out, then closed back up the four pieces of wood. You see itís just the four pieces that are burning, all the tinderís gone. Now Iím just going to let this burn for a few minutes before I put my pan on that has the water in it. Now that itís been burning for a few minutes, itís time to add the water.

Now Iím trying to adjust it a little bit, just to get more air to the coals, but also weíve Ö the log is close enough so theyíll keep burning, this is tricky. Now Iím going to be sticking a few sticks up on top of the log and this will prop up the pan and hopefully get more air down to the coals. I finally got a boil. Now Iím going to go ahead and add the noodles. Iím just going to leave those on there for a few minutes. Now to add the flavoring. Stick Ö back that thing into the fire, it would just shrivel down to nothing anyway.

The other good thing about this is itís also transportable. Not exactly easy, your hands can get a little bit warm transporting it, but it is transportable. Thatís a Swedish fire torch. Thank you for watching. Please check out the other videos in my channel. Thank you very much.
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