A Quick and Easy Knife Sheath Paracord Wrap

Posted by Stacy on 2/25/2013

This is a fast why to add a bit of paracord to many things.


Speaker 1: Hey, guys. Welcome to Red Eye Survival. Today's video, I thought I'd show how you can add a little bit of paracord to your knife sheath. Now, what you're going to need for this little project is a knife and a sheath, obviously, and a little bit of paracord. The knife I'll be using today is made by Mora. It's probably the best knife you'll find out there for 20 bucks, very nice, high quality knife. Paracord, we all know how valuable and versatile this stuff can be in a survival situation. Instead of just having a lot of it thrown in your survival kit or your bug-out bag, I'll show you a quick and easy way that you can add this to your sheath.

All right, all you're going to want to do here is to start off by just making a little loop like that, and then just grabbing the excess and just start wrapping it. I think, technically, this is called whipping. A lot of you guys probably know how to do this.

All right, and once you get to the end, you're just going to want to slide it through that loop you made, pull it through and then grab that tail end and pull it down. Make it nice and tight. Then just slip off the excess paracord and then with your BIC lighter, heat up the ends and kind of melt it to keep it from fraying.

All right, I got the end snipped. I used my BIC lighter here to melt the ends. Get the knife out of there because I don't want to melt that too. All right, I want to just lightly just kind of heat up those ends. Just get it to melt. All right, there you have it, a neat little way of having a little extra paracord with you.
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