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Paracord was originally designed during World War II for use as suspension lines of parachutes for the United States Military. While it is no longer used for parachutes, many other uses have been found by the military and by civilians. This cord is lightweight, thin (about 4mm diameter), and amazingly strong. We specialize in Type III paracord, which has a static load rating of 550 pounds.

paracordReal 550 paracord, such as ours, is constructed with a sheath which surrounds seven individual strands. All the material is 100% nylon (rather than inferior materials seen from discount paracord vendors). The sheath alone can hold a 200 pound static load and each strand can hold 50 pounds each. Therefore, it is referred to as "550" as the static load capacity is
7 x 50 + 200 = 550 lbs.

The image to the right is a cut off end of a hank of our cord with the strands pulled out. Note that the strands are all distinct and are constructed by wrapping even smaller strands.

The cord here at is commercial Type III manufactured on the same equipment and by the same mills that currently produce cordage for the US military. All of our 550 cord is produced in the United States by GSA contractors. While the military has only a handful of colors (olive drab, black, coyote brown, red, and foliage green), we offer many colors, some very exotic such as our "zombie" patterns, red/white/blue, and neon pink.

Advantages of paracord in any situation (survival, camping, everyday use) include:

  • Strength: 550 pound static load, but only 5/32 inch (4mm) in diameter. Very thin & very strong.

  • Weight: 225 feet of cord is less than one pound. With all the stuff we need to carry, especially when on an outdoor venture, every ounce counts.

  • Versatility: Can be used in countless applications. With the ability to remove and unwind the inner strands, it may be used in applications where thin cord is required, even used as dental floss!

  • Water Resistant: Will not rot. Being 100% nylon, the cord drys very fast and is virtually unaffected by wet conditions.

  • Easy to craft: An infinite number of crafts and patterns including bracelets, lanyards, belts, key fobs, and more can be easily constructed with instructions available on the internet. Be sure to check out our blog which has hundreds of posts about crafting paracord.

We recommend that everyone who is active in the outdoors carry a least one 100 foot hank of paracord in their pack. It is lightweight and is extremely useful when in the field. In addition, 550 paracord can be woven into a survival bracelet or other item such as a lanyard, fob, etc, which can be quickly disassembled so the cord may be used for lashing things together, fixing items, building shelter, fishing, and thousands of other uses. It "knotts" very well and firmly, but can also be loosened and unraveled so it may be repurposed.

Note that 550 paracord holds a static load of 550 pounds. It should not be used to support a human in a life threatening situation (climbing, repelling, etc) unless it is a dire suvival emergency.

Everything listed as in stock is available in our warehouse. Every order placed before 4:00 PM Eastern Time will ship the same day. Not only does ever order ship free, but every customer may receive our exclusive series of ebooks at no additional charge. We produced these full color ebooks with professional photos and detailed instructions on how you can produce over 20 paracord projects.

Our free ebooks include how to construct:

  • Cobra Bracelet (with and without buckles)
  • King Cobra Bracelet (with and without buckles)
  • The Piranha Bracelet
  • Solomon's Heart Bracelet
  • Coyote Trail Bracelet
  • Lobster Tail Key Fob
  • Plus Many, Many More

These patterns are typically done in bracelets for purposes of the ebooks, but can be wooven into countless other items.

We are your source for real 550 seven strand Type III Paracord manufactured in the United States by government contractors. Please enjoy our hassle-free shopping, competitive pricing, selection, fast shipping and friendly support.

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